Our Services


Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

After your consultation, a clinical assessment is scheduled in order to gain a full picture of what you are facing and what you would like to work on during our time together. This appointment is about 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hours long, and consists of questions about your medical, social, and psychological histories. Also during this time we will in partnership with each other, create a treatment plan. Initial paperwork will be filled out online prior to your appointment. The assessment process will be via video/telehealth (online HIPAA compliant platform).

Notice of Privacy Practices


Your first therapy appointment will consist of us building a therapeutic rapport with one another; reviewing your treatment plan, and the events that brought you to therapy. All individual therapy appointments are via video/telehealth (online HIPAA compliant platform), and are 50 to 53 minutes long.

Support Group Session

Groups have been found to have an effective treatment approach for many disorders. Let's discuss during your individual therapy session if group is a good option for you. Groups that will be coming soon are Anger Management, Wellness, and Dialectical Therapy (DBT) Group. These groups will be offered in person only once they are active.